Bourtzi, Nafplion,Hellas

This photo is of our venetian castle named Bourtzi in Nafplion, Hellas. 33rd favorite destination on our globe. The castle of Bourtzi (Greek: Μπούρτζι, from Ottoman Turkish برج – burc meaning “tower”; formerly Καστέλι, Kasteli) is located in the middle of the harbour of Nafplio.

The Venetians completed its fortification in 1473 to protect the city from pirates and invaders from the sea. It had a long chain from the harbor to Bourtzi to montor ships that passed and it was called Porto Cadenna by the Venetians. The Hellenes regained it from the Turks on June 18, 1822, from where they assisted in the siege of Nafplio. Until 1865 it served as a fortress. It was then transformed into residence of the executioners (by method of guillotine) of convicts from the castle of Palamidi.

From 1930 to 1970, it served as a hotel. Since then, it is mainly a tourist attraction hosting occasionally parts of the Summer Music Festival.

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