Salim & Anarkali embrace in the streets of Bandra

Walk through the streets of old Bandra, a town in the western suburbs of Mumbai…interesting nooks, unexpected sights and the reek of an era gone by.

This photo shows a decaying wall brightened up by a recreation of a 1953 poster of Hindi movie ‘Anarkali’ by The Bollywood Art project.

Salim & Anarkali, epic lovers of the 17th century are lost in an embrace…

3 thoughts on “Salim & Anarkali embrace in the streets of Bandra

  1. Absolutely! India’s first silent feature film was made in 1913. The Hindi film industry picked up momentum in the 1930s. The term Bollywood was only coined in the 1970s after India overtook America as the world’s largest film producer. Today ‘Bollywood’ produces around 150 movies per year. And that’s just in Hindi. If you were to look at films produced across India in all its various regional languages then that count goes up to over 600!
    We Indians just LOVE movies!

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