Markham, Texas

I live in Markham, Texas, population 1,138. Markham is in Matagorda County in SE Texas about 35 miles from the Gulf of Mexico. This is farm and cattle country with miles and miles of cotton and milo grain (maze) (sorghum) fields. Everyone knows everyone and it is quite peaceful and very quiet. Come visit us and watch out for the tractors and harvesters on the roadway.

2 thoughts on “Markham, Texas

  1. I was in Austin Texas for 4 years and it turned out that I had never heard of Markham. The building in the photo should be some kind of process plant, what is the building for?

  2. The photo is the local grain elevator which can be seen from about 10 miles away. It is for storing grain from the fields before it is shipped out. Markham has one small convenience store and one small cafe. Markham is part of the Tidehaven Independent School district which has a student population of about 700 students 1st through 12th grades. The nearest grocery store is in Bay City, Texas which is 7 miles away. Markham is a “dry” town which means you have to drive 7 miles to buy beer.

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