Rethymnon, the historic town of Crete.

Archaeological evidence of past human activity in the region is abundant. Signs of habitation during the Neolithic Period [6,000 – 2,600BC] have been revealed at a number of locations including the caves of Ideon Andron on Mt. Ida (Psilorites), Gerani on the coast a few kilometers west of Rethymnon and Elenon in the district of Amari. During the Minoan Period [2,600 – 1,100BC] there seems to have been a great expansion of the population, throughout the region with habitation developing beyond the original cave dwellings into more organised social structures. read more

Ung Ching Chok Pailin Cambodia

The village pond to store up the water, for the farmers watering the plants. Especially there are many hectares of coffee’s farm. This village pond had been made since 1940 century during French colony. The water is flow falling from Phnom Kbal Domrey into the village pond that’s store up for the farmers to watering the every plant. We could see the beautiful evergreen some fresh airs to make us get relief from depressive. The water around, and this village pound is about 6000 square meters. read more

Phnom Yat Pagoda Pailin Cambodia

In 1922, the Shan migrants built the Wat Phnom Yat on top of Phnom Yat. This is a place of worship at the heart of Pailin. Several stories, folk tales and legends surround the area of the wat and its construction. One such story revolves around a couple with the same name, Yart, who were both gem miners. After they grew old, they meditated together on a mountain now known as Phnom Yart. read more