OTRANTO, The White Pearl of Southern Italy

Indulge in exploring South-East Italy’s dramatic coast. Especially Otranto, known as “The Balcony of Puglia” for its stunning views on the deep crystal sea. Otranto is a “pearl”, namely one of the biggest pearls in local white towns with amaze of narrow streets, baroque cherubs and potbellied balconies. Right that kind of place that sticks in your memory along.

Learn about the Cave of Zinzulusa, the Valley of Memories, prehistoric dolmens and menhirs. We meet in Otranto’s centro storico. You’ll visit the impressive Castello Aragonese and the Cathedral, where the relics of 800 Martyrs are preserved. Next spot will be the Lighthouse of Punta Palascìa, located at the most eastern point of Italy, and the suggestive Valley of Memories boasting numerous sites of historic interest, like the Hypogeum of Torre Pinta, and the Bauxite Lake, an emerald green lake surrounded by red earth.

Heading south, along the dramatic coastal road to Santa Cesarea, you will experience one of the most stunning scenery of Italy. En-route swimming opportunities are available! Once in Castro weì’ll take you through a guided visit of the Cave of Zinzulusa, opening at the base of a cliff wall dropping sheer to the sea. Next, you’ll learn about the “megalithic district” in Giurdignano, a world’s unique area close to Otranto with many prehistoric monuments, like dolmens and menhirs, dating mostly to the Bronze Age. A celebratory gastronomic 4-courses dinner at a seaside boutique masseria will be the grand finale of this day tour. You’ll enjoy it on a terrace overlooking the sea cliffs.
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