Cayuga Lake, @ Trumansburg, NY. Heaven on Earth.

The FINGER LAKES region of Central NY offers incredible spots for respite, relaxing, and maxing…(really ENJOYING LIFE!!)…with the 11 lakes that make up THE FINGER LAKES, there is SO MUCH to SEE and DO, it would take YEARS to fully explore. Check it out one lake at a time…grab a drink and a seat, and listen to the sounds of CHILLING in a BIG WAY!! Biking, hiking, boating, wineries, distilleries, breweries, natural wonders, Recreational MAZES, locally sourced FOOOOOOD!!! etc., etc., all part of the BOUNTY that NEW YORK STATE offers, and absolutely SHINES with the culture and landscapes of the THE FINGER LAKES. Ese@ the ocdny.

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