Amble, Northumberland

Amble is Northumberland’s most important fishing centre north of the River Tyne.The fishing industry survives, although with reduced numbers of vessels, as does a small marine industry – mainly concentrated around the construction and repair of yachts and other pleasure craft. Leisure sailing has also become important and, as well as the marina, the town has a vibrant yacht and boat club.

Tourism now forms an important sector of Amble’s economy. Part of the harbour was redeveloped into a marina with secure berths for 250 vessels which opened in 1987. The outer boundary of the marina incorporates one of the original timber jetties from the early harbour as part of the old river bed was reclaimed during construction. There are also several caravan parks, guest houses and B&Bs catering for the numerous visitors to the Northumberland coast.

Amble is also known as ‘England’s Friendliest (or Kindliest) Port as in the 1930;s the town council sent a message to the the RMS Mauretania which was heading on her last voyage to the breaker’s yard at Rosyth. The message stated “still the finest ship on the seas”. The Mauretania replied with greetings “to the last and kindliest port in England.

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