Greek carnival Xanthi parade celebrations

Xanthi, Greece Carnival 2016 celebrations. The city, the people, all the crazy carnival events and details!

Every year, the day before Clean Monday marks the end of carnival celebrations in Greece. Before people start preparing for the Easter holiday they need to go out and have a good time. Patra and Xanthi welcome the biggest parades.

This year Konstantina Karkani paraded as Xanthi’s Carnival “queen” 2016. She was chosen as Miss Peace in the Miss Europe World Greece contest.

A day before, the famous Greek Hip-Hop band Stavento gave a free for the crowd live appearance in Xanthi’s main square, as part of 2016 celebrations for the city’s Carnival parade.

Other bands also managed to gather large crowds in the city’s square. One of them was the XalkoManiacs Brass Band with live adaptations of hits like Get Lucky and Sweet Dreams.

Some just prefer a more Greek sound, dancing on the tables with the voice of local singers like Nikos Stogiannidis.

Xanthi is often called as the city with a thousand colors. A walk around the old town will easily convince you why.

The Luna Park by Kosinthos river is a meeting place for all travelers. The young find a place to play and parents a chance to enjoy comfort food.

The Municipality of Xanthi has recently renovated the city’s park, Limnio, offering a chance to escape from the fast pace of daily life.

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