Welcome to Puglia Futura &Co.

We’re a creative bunch, passionate about food, wine, art, ideas, lifestyle, likeminded friends and authentic travel experiences. Since 2014, we’ve been offering sociable, authentic and unsurpassed boutique lifestyle holidays and courses that take you right to the heart and soul of a unique great destination of Italy’s heel, Puglia.
Our international team of tutors are always there to encourage and support you along the way. They steer clear of technical jargon and focus on helping you to explore southern Italy’s less travelled places through local’s eyes and live unique experiences, including farm-to-table culinary adventures.
Here at Puglia we don’t do big, impersonal group tours and workshops. We couldn’t think of anything worse. When you book on one of our trips you’ll join an intimate group of between 8 – 12 likeminded people who enjoy being creative, learning new things, eating, drinking and generally letting their hair down. read more