Welcome to Puglia Futura &Co.

We’re a creative bunch, passionate about food, wine, art, ideas, lifestyle, likeminded friends and authentic travel experiences. Since 2014, we’ve been offering sociable, authentic and unsurpassed boutique lifestyle holidays and courses that take you right to the heart and soul of a unique great destination of Italy’s heel, Puglia.
Our international team of tutors are always there to encourage and support you along the way. They steer clear of technical jargon and focus on helping you to explore southern Italy’s less travelled places through local’s eyes and live unique experiences, including farm-to-table culinary adventures.
Here at Puglia we don’t do big, impersonal group tours and workshops. We couldn’t think of anything worse. When you book on one of our trips you’ll join an intimate group of between 8 – 12 likeminded people who enjoy being creative, learning new things, eating, drinking and generally letting their hair down.

Here are a few more things about Puglia Futura & Co:

The business started as the brainchild of two friends in their early thirties who left the corporate world to spend their days working on what they loved, Puglia. We got started in Lecce in 2011 first as a foundation (Puglia Futura Lic. Ass.) for the enhancement of sustainable and local tourism in Italy’s heel, thanks to a project endorsed by the Regional Government of Puglia. In 2015 Puglia Futura & Co. has been definitely launched.

We are travel experts living and breathing places and people of southern Italy, especially Puglia. So we know how best to avoid tourist traps and go beyond the obvious tick box experiences. Add that to the network of our destinations in Puglia and South Italy, carefully selected, and local partners we’ve collected in our time, you’re guaranteed the best in expert knowledge and insider information.

Planning a perfect trip takes more than knowledge and experience. It takes time. That’s what we offer to you as well. We take the time to design a trip that ticks every box. To experience a place in the right way. To see it from all angles. So that when your clients return home, not only they are refreshed and revitalised, but they are content that they did everything right with their precious time away.
We’ll discuss the trip you want and then go to work to plan out the best itinerary based on requested time, taste and budget.

We loved discovering places, new experiences, and making them accessible to you. In a way that suits their needs. Our purpose is to create something completely unique, whenever they want to travel to, however they want to do it. There’s no off-the-shelf package service in what we offer, because we love to provide our clients with unique and authentic experiences.

We focuse on the experiences and lifestyle, less travelled places, local food & wine, usages, heritage and culture, memories for a lifetime.
The overarching principle that distinguishes us is to provide a really authentic and outstanding experience of Italy’s heel. In particular, we offer unique experiential itineraries, like
– First-press olive oil tastings
-Olive picking and processing showcasing
-Visit to small boutique wineries
-Exclusive wine trails
-Visit to local papier-mache workshops
-Puglian cookery classes
-Cooking with locals
-Gastronomic tasting with best regional specialties
-Mozzarella and cheese making
-Fishing with local fishermen
-Hiking in nature reserves and parks
-Sailing in the Mediterranean Sea
-Planning and services for your unique Puglian wedding

There’s no such thing as a package tour with us; no two experiences are the same because no two requests are ever identical. Our facebook page is here to inspire you. The itineraries and experiences we posted are simply examples of the types of trips we like to run so have a read on
And when you have an idea of what you’re looking for in Puglia and South-Italy, be it vague or intricately specific, get in touch. We’ll do the rest.

For Traveler of National Geographic Puglia “reflects what’s authentic, culturally rich, sustainably minded, and superlative in the world of travel today”. Puglia boasts a lot of first taste suggestions for the most keen, discerning, and curious travelers. A fascinating place, actually a combination of authentic lifestyle and remote: unspoild nature, rocky cliffs, long stretches of natural beaches, crystal emerald sea, breathtaking landscapes, the richness of art and architecture, vibrant town centers, ancient traditions newly revisited in the region around Lecce (Salento).

For more information or to book please email info@pugliafutura.it

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