Italy’s Next Great Destination

Puglia, with its ideal Mediterranean climate has at its disposition a wealth of local products, like wines, olive oil, fresh seafood, local fruits and vegetables. These offer a range of flavors and experiences that will excite any foodie traveling to Italy’s heel.

One of the key factors of the food tourism in Puglia is the use of “Km-0” (Kilometre Zero) products, produced within 100 kilometers of the region. Encouraging local economies, and avoiding the use of intermediaries allowed travelers to pay a fair price and benefitting the producer as well.

Eating “Km-0” is an ecologically friendly alternative, cutting back on food kilometers and thus reducing ones carbon footprint.
Puglia is full of “Km-0” restaurants, products and initiatives to promote what is local.

As one of Italy’s next great destinations for sustainable and culture tourism, Puglia is constantly coming up with new travel initiatives and proposals of what-to-do, with a particular emphasis on local experiences .

With the new wave of travel focusing on the food experience, one of the key factors is also the interaction with locals. New innovative proposals have sprung up across the globe, and in Puglia, to promote such interactions, including “Eat-With”, where locals offer a home-cooked meal in their home or “Trip4Real” where real people promote local experiences in their towns.

Using food as the common denominator to experience local culture, Food Tours offers a home cooking with a private chef in small groups, designed specifically by local experts for culinary adventurers in all Puglia. With a local chef, you will have the opportunity to learn about best regional Italian cuisine in the chef´s home. The menu is adapted seasonally according to “Km-0” products and will include one of many Puglian traditional dishes such as potato omelette, tomato bread, cicorie with fava beans cream , friselle, all of which is paired with local wine.

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Foodies coming to Puglia will enjoy a wealth of proposals that will delight the sensations and the taste buds.
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