York Landing

York Landing, Manitoba (56°05′20″N 96°06′06″W) is a community in Manitoba, Canada. It is located along the eastern bank of the Nelson River, roughly halfway between Lake Winnipeg and Hudson Bay, and it is located 116 kilometers from Thompson, Manitoba. York Factory First Nation is a member of the Keewatin Tribal Council.

The Swampy Cree (Maškēkowak / nēhinawak) of York Factory, Manitoba were relocated to York Landing after the Hudson’s Bay Company York Factory, Manitoba store closed in 1957.

They are sometimes referred to as the York Landing First Nation or the York Factory Cree Nation. York Landing received official reserve status in 1989. York Factory First Nation had a registered population of 1,239 as of August, 2013 with 456 members living on the 967.40 hectares reserve of York Landing. It is governed by a Chief and 4 council members.

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