Salvatore Stifanelli. Making Magic with the Best Pasta in the World

Since 1980 the small family-owned enterprise run by Salvatore Stifanelli and his two sons is dealing with the best handcrafted gastronomic products in all Puglia, Italy’s heel. Located in southern Apulia, in the historic center of a small town named ‘Galatina’ , Salvatore Stifanelli’s artisanal pasta is unsurpassed. Salvatore himself has been praised in all the region as the ‘King of the Pasta’.

This amazing pasta is produced on small quantity only and by ancient organically enhanced methods. But the most important thing is that only one of the world’s best grain’s variety, referred to ”Senatore Cappelli” in honor of the Italian senator Raffaele Cappelli, has been taken to do it. This grain is something unique, being made amongst other things of spikes tall more than 180 centimeters. It exists on the table of the Italian families since 1915 and has been for years the best tillage in southern Italy .
Salvatore takes care personally of his own land situated nearly the sea , where the climate allows to a better production . In fact, like his father and grandfather, every year in November Salvatore closes his shop to follow and manage his precious seeds .
Stifanelli’s handcrafted amazing pasta is being sold just in some Puglian boutique shops . However – and fortunately – it could be sent all over the word.


On 28 April 2014 , the pasta produced in Salento by Salvatore Stifanelli has been tasted and appreciated by the world’s best chefs in London. This great culinary event has taken place during the evening prize of ”The world’s 50 best restaurants” , in the Italian embassy’s House of Culture . Luca Delle Donne, owner of ‘Piaceri d’Italia’ (a high-end market catering agency ) chose this delicious dish. Stifanelli artisanal pasta had such a big success that the chef Massimo Bottura (Word’s 3d best-starred chef and Italy’s best-starred chef) loved to get one more dish.

Salvatore Stifanelli will be hosting you always with a smile while entering in his small store, located in Galatina on the Vittorio Emanuele II street, close to the town ancient clock tower The ‘Orologio’ building.
He has been working in Galatina for 34 years . The global success has been unexpected, but it’s more than deserved . ..! So how can you visit Apulia without tasting this magnificent Apulian heritage food? Simply impossible.

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