Moshi town Kilimanjaro climb basecamp on Great North road

Moshi town is a tourist town and base camp Kilimanjaro climbing.

Moshi is located at one of towns on Cape to Cairo Road or Pan-African Highway, also called the Great North Road

Tourist Hotels and cheap hostels in Moshi are available.
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Gambero Rosso magazine features Salento as Italy’s top destination for food & wine travel

As one of Italy’s next great destinations, Puglia is constantly coming up with new travel initiatives and proposals of what to do in the city, with a particular emphasis on local experiences .

With the new wave of travel focusing on the experience, one of the key factors is the interaction with locals. New innovative proposals have sprung up across the globe and in Puglia to promote such interactions, including Eat-With, where locals offer a home-cooked meal in their home or Trip4Real where real people promote local experiences in their towns. read more