Luxuriously prestigious holidays in Greece-Crete-Chania

Located on the beautiful Chania penninsula which gives it the advantage of being in the middle of a quaint olive tree land and at the same time less than 5 minutes walk from the beach.
Cretan landscape at its best!

Turda. A small city where I grew up.

Taken in September 2004, this off focus picture is one of my dearest. It shows the city I grew up, and the “new” part of town, build somewhere in the ’70s and ’80s. The fields of grain are, perhaps, the last one cultivated in that parcel. This shot is dear to me because it depicts a world that was small (in any ways) but magic. read more

Cluj-Napoca’s view over Marasti.

Polaroid shot over Cluj-Napoca’s eastern part. This still illustrates the vibrant development of Romania’s second large city. From office spaces (left) to old houses being demolished and turn into parking lots (right), the Saint Peter’s Church in the middle and the communist block houses build in the ’80s, Cluj-Napoca is a mixture of old and new exciting photo opportunities. read more