Mohare Danda Trek in Nepal

Location: Nepal

Mohare Danda Trek positioned inside the valley of the arena private gorge between Dhaulagiri and Annapurna Himalaya. Mohare Danda trek is one of the newly opened trekking trails in Nepal. Mohare Danda trail referred to as also Eco community lodge trekking in Nepal. Mohare Danda trek is known as a Nepal Eco Trek because of since several years back each part of Nepal trekking trails has been building the motor road. So, trekking vicinity has been destroyed by means of connecting community motorable roads such as Beni to Jomsom. So, Mohare Danda Trekking is pleasant and it is known Nepal Rhododendron Trekking. Mohare Danda trekking is an option for natural trekking trail in preference to Beni-Jomsom trekking in one and any other hand is an opportunity of Poon Hill Trek which is over touristy. This trekking gives panorama view, greater peace, nature, rural village as well as seems like natural and cultural trek and higher achievement, pleasure.

Mohare Danda trekking is in all likelihood domestic stay trekking in Nepal. it is slightly changed guest rooms with neat and easy beds sheet, blankets, toilets are clean too. The more often than not, meals get organic by way of the Eco-network farming management. Mohare Danda hiking is the super large mountain views of Dhaulagiri, Annapurna, and Pokhara valley. This Eco-lodge trekking is going as near Poon Hill, which is about 3 kilometers away down from Mohare Danda. You can see in this trek big forest of Rhododendron and be blooming in late February, throughout April.The vicinity Nangi, in which Mahabir Pun born and throughout difficult look at village college, his father retired from the Gurkha military as well as the centers of the Gurkha’s army than were given opportunities to take a look at to overseas. After his accurate knowledge obtained efficaciously approximately telecommunications with international IT networking, as a result, Mahabir Pun camping computerizing education typically around the geographical region. that is why today Mohare Danda Trek isn’t always in the back of from an electronic communique (internet). This is why Mohare trekking recognized Eco network lodge trekking which benefits go to rural villagers.

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