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Namaste and welcome to Nepal! The land of the high mountains and former kingdom in the heart of the Himalayas is one of the most spectacular destinations worldwide. Known for its variety of trekking regions to the snow-capped and highest peaks of our Earth, the Hindu-shaped country also offers cultural and safari lovers a considerable variety. In the Kathmandu Valley, the Hindu and Buddhist sanctuaries of bygone kingdoms are waiting to be discovered. In the jungle-like national parks in the south, an exotic fauna impresses with subtropical climate. Above that, the giants of the Himalayas throne with their wild, often still completely original natural landscape. The Nepalese, a mosaic of 70 peoples with over 50 languages, are famous for their hospitality and make a Nepal trip an unforgettable experience.


Nepal, with its enormous height differences, belongs to various climatic zones. From an average of 25 degrees Celsius warm, subtropical lowlands in southern Nepal, the temperate climate of the pre-Himalayas is over, and this is followed by Northern Alpine high mountains with eternally snow-capped peaks. In the southern lowlands, the rainfall of the southwest monsoon occurs between June and September especially: The summer is very humid with up to 40 degrees and extremely high humidity. The Nepalese winters are mild in the south.

Best time of the day:

Trekking tours in Nepal are recommended, depending on the region, in the months of October to December and between February and mid-April. Especially in autumn, holidaymakers expect warm 25 degrees and a clear view with a deep blue sky, in the spring the country blooms. In the summer months of June-September, however, fierce monsoon rains many roads and roads impassable.

Duration/local time:

The plane is about 15 hours away from Nepal. The Nepalese period is at CET + 4.75 hours.

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