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Guide Nepal provide various types of travel packages and itineraries for tours, trekking and adventure holidays in Nepal. We try our best to understand our clients’ expectations and suggest their travel itineraries according to their needs and requirements. Your satisfaction is our topmost priority so if you have specific interests that are different from what we provide, please inform us your preference and a suitable time to visit Nepal.

We will design an itinerary that is most suitable for you based on your choice and needs. As your satisfaction is our ultimate goal, we do not want to waste your valuable time and hard-earned money on travel packages and itineraries that do not meet your requirements. We have English-speaking guides who have a lot of experience in trekking. They are fully-informed of recent news/happenings in Nepal and are locally acquainted. We can also provide guides who speak other foreign languages if necessary.

Organizing a well-designed trip in a country like Nepal may be challenging because of the lack of infrastructures and difficult access to local hospitality and facilities; however, we aimed to provide our best services to you under these circumstances so you can have a trip and memories that would last for a lifetime.

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Guide in Nepal


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