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Nepal is the beautiful country, located in between China and India. It is land lock and best destination for trekkers and travelers. Here are lot of mountain paradises, different people, culture, religion, wonderful landscape, tares rice filed, wildlife, forest, flower and flora- fauna. Where you can spend your holiday, enjoy your time do some trekking, climbing, tour, rafting, mountain biking, motor biking, paragliding, and many more. Here stands for you need a guide who can explain your all types of activities. We are a High Pass Adventure trekking company would like request to our values clients to hire guide for all activities or porter for trekking. It is a region of to support their economy and create job for them. Guide does help in his duty period, when you are doing trekking, showing you to the trail and explain about mountain, hill, people, religion, culture, temple, monasteries, flower, forest and festivals. Some time your guide does help your backpack, if you are weak and bad condition and books lodge and tea-house in the busy trekking season. If customize your cost only you can hire a one porter for two people. Porter can show to you trail and carry your backpack. This is best the solution for your trekking time. Some time trekkers hire the Porter-guide. Porter-guide is smart than porter, so they have lot of experience about trekking. This is part of become guide. If you have not bought full package trip, we have lot of experience Guide, Porter-guide and porter. For the most part of cost trip, depends on the trekking season. That’s why please contact us for further information about hire Guide and porter cost details.

Nepal Trekking guide service
Guides usually do not carry any of your belonging things. A good guide can enrich your trekking and tours experience in all trekking route. A part from showing you the trail, he explains you about the area including the locals lifestyles , their cultures and as well as the name of the mountains. Not only this, but also he could tells you about the religion, temples / monasteries, geography, local floras and faunas, teach you the Nepali language, share culture and festivals. Assistant guide which we call Sherpa run ahead to secure lodging during the busy season and help out with your backpack if you are struggling, and be helpful in a bad situation, look after logistics – like registering your details in every check post, organizing your transport whether go by bus or plane, liaising and directing the porter, etc..
Nepal Trekking Porter Service
Porter speak only their local languages and as well as Nepali Language. Some porters speak very limited English and their job is to carry your luggage each day. A porter generally doesn’t speak English but will follow a trail just not get lost. They will carry up to 25 to 30 kg along the routes but usually more like 24 Kg as a maximum. They will sometimes help with route finding and may suggest good hotels. Hire a porter! The best means of helping a porter is to hire one. Hundreds of thousands of families in Nepal depends upon pottering to generate their family income. A porter is hired not just for carry your bags; he will be paired affiliate of during the helpless condition. Trek alone can make a big difference on your journey. Just be sure to give him a reasonable load, usually a fully packed backpack. If you are with friends, try to group your stuff together in one big backpack and give that to a porter and then each carry a smaller daypack. Sometimes you can find a porter-guide, which might be ideal if you are trekking alone or if you have only one other companion. This is usually a porter who has been on a number of treks, speaks some English, and aspires to graduate to the guide status. Gokyo Treks and Expedition have many trusted local Guides, Porters, and Guide-Porters and always happy to serve according to your requirements even though you are not buying full package trip.

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Porter and Guide in Nepal

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