I created this site for us to share photos about places, especially photos about cities and towns.

As someone who grew up in the countryside in Malaysia, I thought I grew up in a fascinated  corner of the world.

This small village has less than 100 households and I remember I went around the village counting the actual number of houses in the village.

We had one primary school, one grocery store and we were lucky to have one bus that could take us to the town and secondary schools nearby.  If the bus broke down or if the driver was sick, my friends would miss the school for the day.

As a college student in Austin, Texas, I had gone to New York and stayed in Flushing and Brooklyn and I thought the streets in Brooklyn are iconic.  I just could not get enough of them from the movies.

I thought everyone would be interested to share photos about their towns and the places that they grew up.

So show us yours and Post your local photos here.