Rome, Italy I

The capital of Italy evokes the power of the former Roman Empire with its medieval architecture, ancient ruins and supreme status as one of Europe’s elite. Rome is a big city and offers an even bigger choice of public transport, but i choose to walk. Roaming deeper into the city, moving further away from reality and stepping into ancient times. read more

Carnevale of Venice, Italy

In one of the greatest cities in the world during one of the most exciting times of the year, Venice is bursting with colour, costume, music and entertainment. Everyday locals dissappear into prosperous gowns and striking costumes and wander through the streets of Venice behind mysterious masks. And the party continues on late into the night as classical music from the masquerade balls drifts out into the Venetian streets. The vibe is enchanting, the air buzzing, the fascinating costumes against the old venetian architecture makes Carnevale one party the rest of the world does not get to see. read more