I spend about 1 week in the month in Gaimersheim, Bavaria. It’s a town of 11,000 people just outside Ingolstadt, where Audi has its HQ.
This shot was taken on 30 December at dusk, as I was finishing a 3 hour walk through the fields.
That’s the town on the horizon.


The shot is the Path House Medical Practice. It isn’t the one I use, although I have used it once – it’s the only one in the town which can give yellow fever vaccinations.

It is a local landmark however, and part of the town’s heritage. Research indicates it was deslgned in 1692 and sold in 1703, so it must have been built sometime in between. It is undergoing external renovation at the moment. read more


My town – Kirkcaldy – used to comprise 5 adjacent towns, and over time they grew together.
Dysart used to be one of them.
Today I enjoyed 30 minutes there sitting in the sun with a coffee. I have coffee there regularly. The sun is less regular.


My 2nd home is in Gaimersheim, close to Ingolstadt in Bavaria. That’s about equidistant between München and Nürnberg.

This shot was taken on 20 July, when I was out cycling. A typical sight at this time of year. Some barley still being harvested. Then on to the wheat.