Safari bookings to see Rhinos and all big 5 Africa wildlife species in Tanzania

Black Rhinocerous are among endangered species and highly protected Big 5 Africa wildlife species. When a safari goer book an African safari, a must see wildlife animal is Rhino. Tanzania safari itinerary is travel plan to visit several game parks like Serengeti National park, Ngorongoro Crater, Tarangire to see Black Rhino. Information on best time to go for vacation safari and tips to book low cost safari is provided read more

Mount Kilimanjaro, safari and holidays, adventure trekking

Moshi town is base camp for Mount Kilimanjaro tours and city to plan and trekking adventures in Northern circuit.
Mount Kilimanjaro views can be seen from Moshi street roads, seen from Hotels and sightseeing tours to visit waterfalls are arranged easily, cheap short day trips.

Kilimanjaro Safari Holidays Co.Ltd organizes Kilimanjaro climbing trips, Kilimanjaro safaris and wildlife tours, learn more and inquire read more

Kilimanjaro view from Tarakea Rongai way, trekking destination

Kilimanjaro picture above was taken from Tarakea, my home town I grew up. Tarakea is a village and small town near Kenya whereby tourists going to climb Mount Kilimanjaro pass. At Tarakea best scenic Kilimanjaro view pictures can be taken. Rongai route is wilderness and gentle Kilimanjaro route which leads to summit of Kilimanjaro. Kilimanjaro trekking via Rongai route is easier compared to other Kilimanjaro routes and also compared to 7 summit world highest Mountain peaks. Travel tips to travel to Tanzania include best season to climb Kilimanjaro, acclimatization, health travel tips, hiking gears and budget travel deals. read more

Shira plateau Kilimanjaro climbing spot Lemosho route

Londorosi gate entrance of Lemosho route is near Kilimanjaro International Airport, JRO Tanzania.
Travel tips to climb Kilimanjaro need travel tips such as choice of Kilimanjaro routes, climbing training, hiking gears, acclimatization and price cost budget travel deals. Safety Kilimanjaro trekking and booking online are travel tips provided at travel site mountaineering website. Lemosho route detailed itinerary is at read more

Kilimanjaro climbing spirit begins from Hotel with Kilimanjaro views

Kilimanjaro climbing trips becomes successful in terms of comfort and summit Roof of Africa. Hotels in Moshi offers varied standard of services to tourists which arrive to prepare to trek Kilimanjaro. Hotels with Kilimanjaro view and Swimming pool in Moshi is best place to gain spiritual power or encouragement to hike Kilimanjaro to Kibo peak. read more