Butiama Cultural Tourism Enterprise

The village of Butiama offers a combination of attractions; from history to culture, and from hiking to wildlife. Tanzania’s founding president Julius K. Nyerere was born here. Its hilly environment offers an ideal environment for hiking and cycling. The ethnic heritage of its inhabitants offers a memorable cultural experience. The world-renowned Serengeti National Park is less than an hour’s drive away. read more

Chefchaouen The blue pearl

Located on the Northwest edge of Morocco, Chefchaouen isn’t a typical Moroccan city; it doesn’t showcase the crowds of Marrakech and is the complete opposite colours of the Sahara Desert.

If you have been to Santorini in the Greek islands, this is Moroccos version, minus the sea and with the addition of surrounding green trees. Picture winding alleyways painted all shades of blue with splashes of white and secret doors to locals homes. read more

Travel tips to see beauty of climbing Kilimanjaro

Mount Kilimanjaro climbing is sport adventure, more ever, climbers will see nature beauty features like wild flowers, waterfalls, animals, volcano rocks, glaciers and snow.
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