This is my hometown in Palembayan district, Agam Regency, West Sumatra, Indonesia. Here, you will find many fields. The ground with many hills that stand up side by side and mountains, too. So beautiful place.. 🙂
The special think in Palembayan is LIMBEK, a type of fish that life in the swamp and it be dried (in Palembayan we called it “disalai”). The special cullinary is GULAI BUKEK, hm… delicious..
Actually, Palembayan is in Minangkabau culture.. 🙂 read more

Lake Of Dreams

If you are in Singapore and visited the Resort World in Sentosa, you might not want to miss a choreographed musical show at about 9:30pm every night at the so called Festive Walk.

The show is free and it is a choreographed display of fire, light and water. I have seen this only once and I could not remember seeing fire being displayed in the show. read more