Gambero Rosso magazine features Salento as Italy’s top destination for food & wine travel

As one of Italy’s next great destinations, Puglia is constantly coming up with new travel initiatives and proposals of what to do in the city, with a particular emphasis on local experiences .

With the new wave of travel focusing on the experience, one of the key factors is the interaction with locals. New innovative proposals have sprung up across the globe and in Puglia to promote such interactions, including Eat-With, where locals offer a home-cooked meal in their home or Trip4Real where real people promote local experiences in their towns.

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Azzure Window Gozo Island collapse March 8 2017

On the moring of March 8 2017, the Azure Window in Malta vanished.
It collapsed around 9.40am. after being hit by heavy storms.
The cliff stood as the flagship landmark of the island of Gozo, with thousands of daily visitors.
Back in January 2017, rough seas had already done their damage,with a part of the base rock being broken, but people kept on walking on the cliffs.
Environment Minister of Malta said that no man-made intervention could have prevented the disaster. Now it is gone and lost gorever.
We will always keep it in the memory of our summer 2016 visit, shown in this clip!

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