Holidays in Greece-Crete-Chania

Villa Ifigeneia lies just 12km away from the city of Chania, at Akrotiri area. Akrotiri area includes quaint villages, right next to the coastline or on the hillsides.

The main beaches of the area are Kalathas beach (less than 5 minutes’ walk from the Villa), Stavros beach, Marathi family beach, Maherida beach (preferred by people who like nudism) and Loutraki beach with its popular beach bar. Right next to these beaches are local tavernas offering excellent, fresh Cretan delicacies.

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St. Nicolas Fortress Sibenik/Croatia

Only St. Nicholas Fortress is at sea, at the entrance of Sibenik port, and the other three are on land.

St. Nicholas Fortress was built on the left side at the entrance of the St. Anthony (Sv. Ante) channel, on the island called Ljuljevac. The island is at the entrance of Šibenik channel across from the Jadrija beach lighthouse. St. Nicholas Fortress got its name from the Benedictine Monastery of St. Nicholas, which was on the island, but due to construction of the fortress had to be demolished. At the request of domestic Croat population of Šibenik, the Venetian captain Alojzije de Canal decided to build a fort on an island of Ljuljevac on 30 April 1525. Fortress was designed and built by the famous Venetian architect and builder Hyeronimus di San Michaela. It was built by in the 16th century to prevent Turkish boats from reaching the port. St. Nicholas Fortress was armed with 32 cannon. However, its imposing appearance and size were a bigger threat to the enemy than canons.

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Šibenik, the picturesque city of Dalmatia is the oldest native Croatian town on the Adriatic. This is where the Krka river meets the sea.
Four fortresses, namely st. Michael Fortress St. John Fortress, Barone Fortress and Fortress of St. Nicolas provide spectacular view on the city and its environment. The Cathedral of St. James is a renaissance-gothic church in Šibenik, a participant on the UNESCO World Heritage list .

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Baia Mare, Maramures, Romania

BAIA MARE, in northwestern Romania is the capital of Maramureș County. The city is situated about 600 kilometres (373 miles) from Bucharest, 70 km (43 mi) from the border with Hungary, and 50 km (31 mi) from the border with Ukraine.

Located south of Igniș and Gutâi Mountains, Baia Mare had a population of 123,738 at the 2011 census, and a metropolitan area home to 215,932 residents.

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