Taua Grande Hotel Thermas de Araxá

Great Hotel and Araxá Spa is a hotel in the city of Araxá, Minas Gerais. Located in Barreiro Park, its construction was started in 1938 and inaugurated in 1944 by President Getulio Vargas and the miner governor Benedito Valadares 1.

The gardens and the entire landscape design were created by the famous painter and landscape architect Roberto Burle Marx 2. Luiz Signorelli architect of the project is architectural style similar to that found in the old colonial buildings of Spanish America, in countries such as Colombia and Venezuela. Its walls are lined with reddish clay, symbolizing simplicity. read more

Edam WineEvent

The WineEvent Edam is located on the Spui and surrounding in the world-famous city of cheese Edam. One of the stores who offered wine is housed in a monumental building dating from the 16th century. Besides the extensive selection of cheese, the shop also have a large collection of quality wines. Also available are delectable delicacies such as olives, sun-dried tomatoes, mustard and souvenirs. read more